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Alterra Tools Ltd-Garden Tools Expert

Who is Alterra Tools?

Alterra Tools Ltd was founded in 2005 with the wish to provide high-quality  gardening tool supplies to every family. Hope Alterra Gardening Tool Products have the honor to join your happy garden life. Planting flowers and trees ,leaves the earth a touch of grass green! Alterra Tools Ltd  prides itself on having a set of garden tools to fit every outdoor project. From casual backyard gardeners to heavy-duty contractors and landscapers.Combined with our team or engineers and design experts we have also launched in our brand Alterra sold at leading retailers and online channels in North America since 2008.

What garden tools does Alterra Tools have?

Alterra Tools has a collection that will marry the right innovation, features, and price.Solutions for every garden project.From small hand tools  to long handle tools ,from fiberglass handle tools to wood tools,aluminum tools,steel handle tools…from,garden tools to outdoor camping tools,from normal tools to special tools .And we have many tools in each category,for example,we have garden aerators,garden tillers,garden rotary cultivators,garden bulb planters,garden edgers,garden weeders,fruit pickers …in special tools series.

Specialty Tools

You can find whatever you want here in Alterra tools!


What are garden tools made of?

There are many kinds of garden tools in Alterra garden tools.From handle difference,fiberglass handle garden tools,wood handle garden tools,aluminium handle garden tools,steel handle garden tools;from head difference,carbon steel head garden tools,stainless steel head garden tools,aluminum head garden tools…It depends on what you need.

Our passion is providing the everyday gardeners or expert uses with high quality tools at affordable prices.Welcome to Alterra Tools!



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