Border fork
Ergo Border spade
DH digging fork
Stainless steel digging spade
stainless steel Border spade
Border Fork digging
Digging Spade DH Stainless Steel
Digging Fork Stainless Steel Fork
Square Point Shovel Transfering
16T Bow Rake Leveling
DH Digging Shovel digging
Transfering Shovel

Be prepared your lawn and garden tools with our Alterra long handle gardening tools! We have garden round point digging shovels,border shovels,square point transfer shovels,garden spades,garden drain spades,gardening digging forks,gardening bow rakes which includes 16 tines bow rakes,14 tines bow rakes,garden hoes,garden cultivators…these gardening tools can be made of carbon steel head which powder coating is customized,and strong stainless steel which is sharp and rust resistance;handles of these gardening tools can be made of lightweight aluminum,fiberglass,and wood;Grips of these loing handle gardening tools is customized as well,many customers want to make with soft comfort grip like TPR grip,and someone may not want that high level,only PP grip is enough,someone may want strong aluminum grip,wood grip…anyway,we can do what you want just let us know your thoughts,then we can do the tools to satisfy you.And these lawn and gardening tools are customized,you can put your own logo on the head or print on the handles,very convenient for you to advertise your brand.You can find what you  want here in  Alterra lawn and gardening tools!