Upgrade your garden tools with the Alterra Tools bulb planter! Durable for long lasting use, This essential tool features an all metal tempered steel body. The Saw-Tooth cutting surface & broad footplate allow you to easily press & twist into even the toughest soil. It features a T bar handle design equipped with comfortable foam grips & a long tubular shaft for superior leverage.

Product Details

Easy to use: Features a grooved cutting edge to create a perfect hole for bulbs and garden plants with an easy twisting action

Bulb Planter headBulb Planter head 2

Soft grip: Soft foam handles lend comfort and enjoyment to your gardening

Bulb Planter Gripbulb planter solf grip

Functional: innovative design with a long handle to reduce bending and stopping. Each core will pop out by itself when the coring process is repeated saving you time and effort

bulb planter carbon steel bulb planter gardening

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