Be prepared for fall with the Alterra Tools 3-in-1 Leaf Rake. This versatile rake can be used as a 30″ Rake, a 7″ Shrub rake, or as an 11″ Leaf grabber to cover all your yd maintenance needs. It features a detachable aluminum handle that can be changed between a 23. 5″ Handle or a 47″ Handle to accommodate your needs. The soft, foam grips allow you to rake in comfort. The leaf grabbers easily attach onto the handle with the shrub rake to make the wide rake, or they can be used on their own! Use the shrub rake for clearing hard to reach spots & the leaf grabbers for picking up the pile of leaves! Solve all your gardening needs with the Alterra Tools 3-in-1 Leaf Rake.

Product Details

30″ wide leaf rake, perfect to grab leaves!


Can be used as a 7″ shrub rake,ideal for clearing tight spaces!


Can be used as leaf grabbers,great for picking up leaves!

Leaf Grabbers