Pet Scoop Set

Upgrade your garden tools with Alterra Pet Poop Scoop Set!We all love playing with our furry pets outside but cleaning the mess that follows can be annoying. Our Alterra Poop Scoop Set, features a larger tray, long handle, and durable yet lightweight construction. No more bending over with short scoopers or poop bags to clean up the mess: scoop conveniently from a comfortable position.

Enjoy a fast and fun yard cleaning experience with our premium poop scooper, which is perfect for everyday use.

Product Details

Easy to use, no more bending – Easily scoop up your dogs poop without ever having to stretch, kneel, or bend down.

Pet Scoop Set Rake Pet Poop Scoop Set

Multi-surface & multipurpose use – Keep your garden clean and enjoy scooping on a variety of surfaces like grass, dirt, gravel, and small rocks.

11Tines Steel Rake

Pet Scoop Set poop