Upgrade your garden tools with the Alterra Garden Aerator. This specialty tool features a hardened steel body with durable & innovative features. The Diamond shaped blades are serrated to slice through packed soil. Its ease of use & effectiveness in slicing through compact dirt is heightened by a large stepper with a no slip textured surface. It features a T bar design for additional leverage & cushioned foam grips for comfort.

Product Details

Easy to use: Features a large stepping platform for foot support and a textured surface to prevent slipping and serrated Multi-spike diamond blades for easy digging

Garden Aerator sharp head Garden Aerator head

Soft grip: Soft foam handles lend comfort and enjoyment to your gardening

Garden Aerator solf grip Garden Aerator grip

Functional: serrated Multi-spike diamond blades penetrate hardened dirt, allowing deep watering for a healthier and greener garden

Garden Aerator gardening Garden Aerator large stepper

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