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Be prepared with Alterra camping tools!These throwing hatchets and tomahawks feature a sharp cutting edge and wedge-style spike and are built to swing fast and true; these tomahawk throwing axes feature a razor-sharp stainless steel hatchet blade.A superb survival axe and fire rescue tool; throwing tomahawk boasts a sleek black blade finish for added durability.

The hammer pommel is perfect for hitting steaks into the ground, tenderizing meat, self defense, or general nail-nailing.

Product Details

These hachet/hammer feature a razor-sharp  stainless steel hatchet blade, built for tactical use, you can rely on this hardcased black finish axe to survive domestic and utility application

hachets head

Different heads for choosing

hachet head

Emergency axe with sheath

hachets with sheath

Use this hachet at home, in camp and on the trail, and rely on it as a utility axe for breaching, evacuation and obstacle removal.

sharp hachet

Perfect size for backpack and carrying bag

suvival hachet hachet hammer camping hachet