New Garden Rotary Cultivator

Upgrade your garden tools with the Alterra Tools Rotary Cultivator! This cultivator features 3 wheel tines that are made of durable aluminum to cut through the toughest of weeds. The durable handle is made with steel to ensure years of quality use. It is equipped with a soft thermoplastic rubber & polypropylene grip that provides comfort while doing your yard work. Use this cultivator to sift & cut through weeds & loosen, turn, or pulverize soil When preparing for the upcoming gardening season.

Product Details

This rotary cultivator features 3 wheel tines are made with durable aluminum to last for years of quality use.And the tines are detachable.

Garden rotary cultivator head garden rotary cultivator head in actual

Alterra garden rotary cultivator is ideal for removing weeds and aerating garden bed.

Garden rotary cultivator in actual