Upgrade your garden tools with the Alterra Tools digging spade! The round pt. Shovel features a sharp stainless steel head that is durable & functional for years of quality use. The lightweight, sturdy handle is made of hardened ashwood to provide a strong & comfortable hold that won’t wear out over time. The long handle & scoop head makes this the Perfect tool for digging trenches through hardened soil or moving leaves, mulch, or gravel.

Product Details

Easy to use: the long, stable handle and scoop-shaped head for lifting and throwing loose material such as soil, mulch, leaves, and moreLH round point shovelDurable head: features mirror polished stainless Steel spade head for superior rust resistance and minimal soil adhesion

shovel stainless steel headAshwood handle double rivets: the weatherproofed hardwood handle is lightweight and provides reliable leverage

shovel with double rivetsFunctional: the heavy-duty and sharp blade easily slices through tough roots, packed soil and gravel

round point shovel stainless steel