Border Spade Wood Stainless steel

Upgrade your garden tools with the Alterra Tools digging border spade! This border spade features a sharp stainless steel head that is durable for years of quality use. This border spade is easy to use – the sturdy D-handle is made of ashwood to provide a strong grip that won’t loosen over time. The handle design also makes it easy to hang on hooks or nails when not in use! This lady border spader is great for digging through hardened soil or moving leaves, mulch, or gravel.

Product Details

Easy to use: digging border spade features stable handle for lifting and throwing loose material such as soil, mulch, leaves, and more

Border spade stainless steel

Handle: handle made of durable ashwood is easy to grasp with D-design

D Wood Handle Fork Wood Stainless steel border spade

Durable head: This border spade head is made of durable stainless Steel for years of quality blade cuts through tough dirt or hardened soil for your convenience

Stainless steel head border spade