23tines leaf rake

Upgrade your garden tools with our Alterra garden tools 23tines poly leaf rake!This 23tines poly leaf rake features a detachable tines,and made of hard pp,which is strong to clean leaves,debris even rocks and will not get leaves stuck.Our 23tines poly leaf rake is made with a stong steel handle and ergonomic design which will provide comfort when raking.

This 23tines poly leaf rake is great for collecting leaves,the head is wide enough for cleaning easily and fastly.

Product Details

This 23tines poly leaf rake head is made of hard pp,and the tines are detachable!

23Tines leaf rake head Detachable 23tines rake head

This poly leaf rake features with a ergonomic steel handle and soft grip,provide comfort!

23tines leaf rake grip 23tines leaf poly rake