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Why we people would like to choose Fiberglass handle garden tools?

Why we people would like to choose Fiberglass handle garden tools?

Fiberglass handle garden tools is taking a main position in garden tools area,many people like to use fiberglass handle garden tools in gardening.
Fiberglass long handles garden tools
What is fiberglass handle garden tool?

Fiberglass is an immensely versatile material due to its lightweight, inherent strength, weather-resistant finish and variety of surface textures.As you know that gardening sometimes is a heavy work,lightweight is import to save strength,and a strong handle is needed for heavy work,like using a fiberglass handle digging shovel https://www.alterratools.com/product/durable-garden-tools-garden-digging-planting-spade-shovel/ digging into the hard dirt need much strength.In addition,gardening work always happen outside,so a weather-resistant handle is required.Though under good weather,when you using a transfer shovel to move the dirt or some wet rocks or debris,the fiberglass handle will not moldy after touching water.

Because of these above,fiberglass handle garden tools are more and more popular in the world.

Fiberglass handle tools collection

What colors can be done with fiberglass handle?

We always do powder coating on fiberglass handle to meet any color required by customers .Powder coating is a durable final finish for a broad range of manufactured items made of fiberglass.Sometimes we people would like to use a colorful and beautiful garden tools to make gardening work with fun,due to customers’ different requirements on colors, fiberglass handle gardening tools are good choices,you can almost find any color you want in fiberglass handles garden tools.For example,a colorful and beautiful garden shovel or spade will be the better choice for the young people.

What head to be combined with fiberglass handle?

Always,we make fiberglass handle with carbon steel head,as carbon steel heads can be done with different powder coating,like matte black, black hammer tone https://www.alterratools.com/product/overmold-fiberglass-handle-digging-shovel-with-soft-d-grip/ ,clear finish…easy to be matched the handle colors.While, some customers will require to use stainless steel head as well.Different people have different choice.

How to make the Fiberglass handle garden tools with a good touch feeling?

More and more customers require our fiberglass handle garden tools be made with soft comfort middle grip and end grip,as they are focus on the high quality and a good feeling when gardening.

We always use soft comfort TPR and pp to make grips,which can bring good feeling when in actual use.

Long handle garden tools

Can fiberglass handle be any length we want?

Yes,but normally we will have a fixed length for digging shovel,digging spade…and another fixed length for garden hoe,cultivator,and another length for bow rake https://www.alterratools.com/product/overmold-fiberglass-handle-16-tines-bow-rake/ ,leaf rake in market.While,of course if you have special request we can do it for you as well.

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